Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Checking In

I've been neglecting my blog.

The last couple days have been a bad B movie.  I opened the door to the basement, knowing full-well there were monsters in it and I went down anyway.

As far as an excuse for the rest of the time there's been no update?  Just didn't feel like it. 

I will allow that recent events, and my usual lack of seratonin account for a little too.

However,  the monsters are gone for the time-being. yaaaaaaaaay  They left a nasty mess though.

And get THIS, I  ordered another fucking bottle of a "Dr.Oz sure-fire remedy."

Step Right Up Ladies and Gentlemen [Read SUCKERS] for this time we really do have the ultimate cure-all.  REALLY.  It's called Garcina Cambogia Extract.  It will totally get rid of your belly fat! ****with diet and exersise***

As I approach 173 pounds, (even after trying every sure thing the wizard behind the gray curtain has touted, given aire to, BUT HAS NOT OFFICIALLY ENDORCED,) I considered having a huge, black "L" tattooed on my forhead.

Also.  If there is anyone who actually visits the chute now and then, you may have noticed that I've been trying my hand at poetry.  I NEVER thought I would EVER be attempting poetry.  But there you are.  Never say never.  I really hate cliches. 

I have an enormous stash of really OLD stuff in the archives that await visitors Puff the Magic Dragon, they've been alone and forgotten.  Please pop your head in and read one or two.

Hope all is well.   D.

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In the Look-Back
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Riding the Stream Down
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